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The point score is based on participation in the various West Metropolitan Zone Events.

Competition for males and females is separate.

Athletes must have finished an event to score points in that event. To be eligible for a Club award, athletes must have completed at least 50% of the events on offer. Point scoring is determined as follows:

West Metropolitan Zone races:

The Short, Medium and Long distances are open to all age groups.

Athletes are included in the Short, Medium or Long distance category based on the distance they nominate at the commencement of the season.

Where an athlete fails to notify the Winter Competition Manager of a nomination the athlete is allocated a category at the managersí discretion.

Points are awarded from the fastest finisher to the slowest i.e. first finisher gains maximum points (generally 30), second gained 29 points, third gained 28 points etc.

If athletes do not participate in their nominated event but participate in another event, they received half points for one event only based on the same point scoring criteria as above, e.g. if 3rd fastest time normally receives 28 points, they would receive 14 points.

Calculating Total Points

To allow those who miss the occasional run to still be competitive in the point score, the final score will be made of the competitorís best 10 events of the season, meaning that if an athlete ran in all 14 West Metropolitan Zone races, their 4 lowest scoring races will be omitted from the final total.

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